Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Simple Line Drawing

I'm interested in simple line drawing and would love to become good at it.
My favourite Picassos, along with his Blue and Pink Periods, are his line drawings. They are simply exquisite.
Interestingly, they are obviously highly influenced by the style of the ancient classical Greek Maenads and Dionysiacs. Also, look at Matisse's 'Dance' - straight out of the Greek classical style.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Friday, May 30, 2008


Water Colour of a little out-house in Leitrim. It's been done up and now has a fireplace in the one room downstairs, and would you believe, it has a tiny room + a WC upstairs!

A Serious Looking Face

This was done in a group situation and I think the model had been obliged to pose too long without a break. Actually, she didn't normally have such a serious look about her, but I think by that stage she was just exhausted. Come to think of it, unless a picture is done from a photo, it's very difficult for the sitter to hold the pose.

Red Ribbons

This model had interesting little ribbons plaited into her hair. I don't think I did them justice.

Another Portrait in Pastels

Another portrait - again, a bit grim looking.

Bill Clinton

Water Colour and Ink wash

from black and white newspaper photo

Bill Clinton after news of Monica got out.

Portrait of Chris

Oil Pastel
I enjoyed doing this model's hair especially. But I wish I had softened the line of his cheek bone a bit. It looks a bit severe.


Another survivor from the host of life-drawings I got rid of!
I'm not sure why I kept it.

Life-Drawing 1

This was done in a life-drawing session some years ago. I got rid of most of my life-drawing stuff, but I liked this one for some reason and held on to it.

Monday, May 19, 2008

'Sliabh Gorm'

Water Colour after Blockley
More or less copied this from a book by a man called Blockley. I wanted to have a go at capturing the menacing atmosphere of the original and I'm afraid I didn't succeed very well. But it was an interesting exercise in using water colours. Used masking fluid for the houses.

Portrait of Chris

Oil Pastel
Loved doing this guy's hair. I felt the pastels worked well here. His face, though, turned out a bit too yellow I suppose.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tools !

A drawing exercise

Tools 2

I tried to make it interesting by spilling the paint tin! But Im not thrilled with it.

Tools 3

Quite enjoyed trying to get the spiral effect and the shadow.

Tools 4

More of the same.

'Milna - Croatia'

Ink and Coloured Pencils
This is one of a series of sketches done while on a sailing holiday in Croatia. Flew from Dublin to Split where we hired a yacht (not too expensive when shared among 9 of us) and cruised down by the islands to Dubrovnik and back. Around lunchtime each day we anchored in some nice lagoon, swam from the boat in the warm, pristine water, and then had lunch and some of the local wine on board. Each evening we tied up in a different town or village and had dinner in a restaurant. Loved it.

'Stari Grad - Croatia'

Ink and Coloured Pencils

'Palmirana - Croatia'

Ink and Coloured

Korcula - Croatia

Ink and Coloured Pencils

Okuklje - Croatia

Ink and Coloured Pencils

Pomena - Croatia

Ink and Coloured Crayons

'Run-Down Cottage'

Black Ink - 'Run-Down Cottage'

'Cottage by Night'

Black Ink - 'Cottage by Night'

Black Ink - 'Lough Belhavel - No Tresspassing'

Black Ink - 'Hearth of the Matter'.

Pastel - 'Down by Loch Allen'

Ink - 'Fields'

'Bricks' - Pastel

Sketch in pastel and ink of Rowan Gillespie's sculpture 'Lazy Lady'.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Branches 2

Black Ink (Quink) and Milton -using stick

Rocks in St.Stephens Green